Stepping Into Creativia’s Six-Step System 

Today I would like to begin our exploration of the creative process by diving in to Step 1: Preparation.

#1 - Preparation

                 Over the course of the next series of blogs, I would like to introduce you to my take on the creative process via the Six-Step System.  So, today we investigate-

Step One: PREPARATION. I believe that Preparation is divided into to two parts: Inspiration and Embarkation.

INSPIRATION springs from an impulse- need – desire to make something that has not existed before.  Sources of inspiration are external, internal, or a mixture of both. Using my inspiration to write this blog, external inspiration includes needing to create a media presence to promote my new business, letting the reader know more about me, and demonstrating how Creativia works. My Internal motivation is a real passion for the creative process, a deep desire to show people how we create in all aspects of our lives,  and a need to connect with other people.

What might Inspiration to create look like at work?  Internal inspiration means I am intrinsically moved to make something that works even better, repair or replace a broken system, or invent a new product.  Where this inspiration comes from is a mystery, but I am psyched, energized, excited to make this happen. Boom. I’m off. Conversely, if I identify a problem believing I could create a solution, but have no real desire to follow through, let it go.  Passion in the creative process matters.

External Inspiration generally comes from the powers that be, the marketplace, or unexpected events. Ways to find inspiration in externally imposed circumstances include: 1) The need is in sync with the kind of problem I intrinsically like to solve, so I am on board. Inspiration is a given. 2 )This is not an issue I would choose to deal, but my co-workers/ company need me, so their well being becomes my inspiration. 3) Either I get on board or risk losing my job. Job loss is rarely an option, but remembering that I provide for my loved ones through this job can be a big inspiration. If my real passion is outside of work, this job makes it possible.

As you can see, inspiration to use our creative problem- solving powers can range from “Yes. This is what I was put on this earth to do.”  to “Solving this problem results in a paycheck, and the paycheck supports my real passion.” It’s all good.

Okay, we’ve identified the problem and why we want to solve it, next I recommend we prepare to embark on this adventure.


EMBARKATION signals that I am heading out on a journey.  What do I take?

·         Pertinent background information on the problem at hand with a caution not to overdo the intellectual work yet.

·         A few ideas about possible solutions, but keep it loose. Extensive brainstorming-not a good idea.

·         A lot of affirmation that I have the capacity to complete this task.  More than one creative endeavor has been aborted before launch due to fear. I cannot overemphasize how important it is to take some advice from athletes and artists, and get in the “zone” mentally before heading into the unknown waters of creative process. 

Please remember that we are all wired to create and neuroscience can prove it.  See fancy brain maps. Even though we were at our creative prime around five years old, there is plenty of sense memory to support us now. Flash-back as needed. We have had experience with creative wins and this is going to be another. Remembering that creativity simply means making something that has not existed before. You know what your wins are, even if you have to dig a bit to remember.

Sitting down to write this blog, I had to counter the fear that I was incapable of doing it.  Self-talk: “Mary, you have completed two blogs and lived to tell about it. Lord-a-mercy, years ago you completed a dissertation, doesn’t that give you some writing creds?”  It seems to have worked.


And finally, take a deep breath because we are being catapulted into STEP TWO.


Part of my inspiration for writing today is sharing how Creativia helps companies. In our workshop’s we actively seek inspirations for specific innovations within the company, and we help employees embarking on the innovative journey pack the resources needed for success.

Please check out our website for more information.

Thanks for reading – More soon.


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