Millennials and Milestones

I am celebrating my third anniversary as a Generational Diversity consultant! I am a Baby Boomer who is a huge ally of and advocate for Millennials. This is career number three for me, following careers in community development and higher education.


Those careers afforded me quite the toolbox for activating Millennials’ “passion buttons,” so when I heard that Millennials were having trouble engaging in the workplace, I set out to see how I could help.


My mission is to help Millennials and Boomers break down communication barriers so they can connect — leading to higher profitability and talent retention for businesses and organizations. After taking stock of what I’ve learned in the past three years, I’d like to share these lessons:


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Mary Cooney
Making Generational Diversity A Workplace Win

Generational diversity is getting a lot of attention right now. You may wonder why, since we’ve always had people of different ages, right? True, but the dawning of the 21st century introduced changes into society, and a brand new generation was among them.

Known as Millennials, these tech-savvy young people had a whole new way of being in the world — and now, in the workplace. 

Diversity means sharing my workspace with someone who differs from me in race, gender, sexual orientation and generation. Inclusion means intentionally engaging their strengths and working with them to achieve work wins. 

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Check In Often

Helping business leaders help their millennial employees is a big part of my job.  A Finance leader faced a challenge that goes like this:

“I asked a department millennial to help me prepare charts for a big client presentation.  I told him what I needed and that they were due the night before the presentation. I was shocked when the work he submitted was only 80% complete.  I had to stay up all night finishing the report to meet the deadline. What is with these ‘kids?’  They are so lazy – they don’t even bother to complete assignments.”

Sound familiar?

Well here’s what I know from first-hand experience: MILLENNIALS ARE NOT LAZY. …..

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Mary Cooney
Millennial Leadership in Action: Dandridge Floyd and HR as A Culture Change Agent

As a generational diversity consultant, I’m a huge ally and advocate for Millennials in the workplace. I am always hunting for signs of what Millennials bring to the leadership table. Dandridge’s story not only demonstrates overcoming resistance to change, but she heralds a new generation of leadership.

I learned that we have an incoming generation of leaders who instinctively know that shared leadership and empowering others to use their strengths to launch initiatives results in authentic change.

Dandridge showed me that integrity trumps ego. I want what she has.

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Mary Cooney