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When faced with challenges and change, companies have two choices:

React or Create.

Creativia shows companies faced with the complex challenges of the evolving marketplace how to use the creative process to successfully innovate and thrive. Whether you need to navigate the strategic planning process, develop employee engagement ideas, look for change management models, consider organizational change management strategies, or learn how to integrate millennials in the workplace, Creativia can help.


Let’s face it. The marketplace has changed.
We are in the new economy.


And new challenges...

Leadership Succession

Millennials in the workplace

Remote and geographically dispersed teams

...Bring new opportunities

New vision and direction

A motivated workforce

Decreased overhead and instant communication


Your company’s ability to adapt and survive hinges on one question:

Do you merely react to circumstances, or do you embrace obstacles as opportunities and create new, innovative solutions?


Companies who thrive in a shifting marketplace have mastered the creative process.

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What’s the Creative Process
and Why is it Important?


There’s a common misconception that creativity only belongs to geniuses or is nothing more than spontaneity.  Yet we all possess the power to create and, especially in the workplace, we all have the responsibility to create if the company desires to move forward.

We don’t trust our creativity or put it to work because we see it as unreliable and chaotic, and because of this we stop. But like the Scientific Method, the Creative Process is a reliable method for entering and successfully navigating the unknown and emerging with transformative solutions to challenges.


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Why Creativia?


Creativia has improved the traditional 4-part creative process by addressing 2 major breakdowns where corporate teams are typically blocked.

We will show how Creativia's Six-Step System belongs to you and your team. We can help solve your biggest challenges.  This unique approach is proven to reliably produce results. 


Hear from Our Clients:

Mary was an absolute pleasure to work with. Participants in her Visioning workshop were not only engaged, but collaboratively creating a future world for themselves. On behalf of How to Start a Startup Detroit, we are proud to have worked with Mary and recommend her services with great enthusiasm. Her work is fresh, immersive, creative, and thrilling.
— Benjamin Martin Seidman
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