Drive Performance Through Cross Generational Engagement.

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Why Creativia?


When faced with challenges and change, companies have two choices:

React or Create.

Creativia shows companies faced the complex challenges of the evolving marketplace how to successfully innovate and thrive.

Whether you need to navigate generational diversity, integrate millennials into the workplace, develop employee engagement ideas, or prepare for leadership succession, Creativia can help.


Let’s face it. The marketplace has changed.
We are in the new economy.


And new challenges...

Millennials in the Workplace

Generational Differences

Leadership Succession


...Bring new opportunities

A Motivated Workforce

Cross-Gen Collaboration

New Vision and Direction


Your company’s ability to adapt and survive hinges on one question:

Do you merely react to circumstances, or do you embrace obstacles as opportunities and create new, innovative solutions?


Companies who thrive in a shifting marketplace have mastered the creative process.

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What’s the Creative Process
and Why is it Important?


There’s a common misconception that creativity only belongs to geniuses or is nothing more than spontaneity.  Yet we all possess the power to create and, especially in the workplace, we all have the responsibility to create if the company desires to move forward.

We don’t trust our creativity or put it to work because we see it as unreliable and chaotic, and because of this we stop. But like the Scientific Method, the Creative Process is a reliable method for entering and successfully navigating the unknown and emerging with transformative solutions to challenges.


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Why Creativia?


Creativia has improved the traditional 4-part creative process by addressing 2 major breakdowns where corporate teams are typically blocked. This unique approach is proven to reliably produce results. 

When this Six-Step System is implemented effectively, it can help teams overcome challenges like employee engagement, generational diversity, product and service stagnation and more. 


Who we’ve served:

No one knows millennial engagement like Mary Cooney. She has a stellar career of developing, coaching, and guiding millennials through goal-setting, strategizing, and career development. Her creative methods know how to reach this age group better than anyone I have ever witnessed.
— Cynthia Barnes - Founder & CEO, National Association of Women Sales Professionals (NAWSP)
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