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Each of our programs were designed to address major breakdowns in intergenerational communication that keep corporate teams from moving forward. 

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Conversation: Igniting Millennial Passion in the Workplace

Using the Community Conversations model, we guide millennials to uncover any “passion buttons” they’ve buried due to disengagement.  

When millennials discover their purpose within the company and the meaning behind their work, productivity skyrockets! In an open forum, we’ll lead your millennial team players through the discovery process to uncover their unique talents, interests and motivational drivers.

We’ll also work with your leaders to identify ways to connect millennials’ individual talents with the tasks they perform. 

Watch how millennial engagement increases with their new awareness of how their productivity makes a difference for others.

Half Day (Maximum 4 hour workshop)

15-30 participants.

Uses interactive, collaborative techniques in a “circle of safety.”

Unleash potential, profitability and performance by breaking down inter-generational communication barriers.


Collaboration: Engaging Millennials in the Workplace

Half Day (Maximum 4 hour workshop)

15-30 participants.

Integrating and facilitating the Creativia Six-Step System to innovate products, services, and the overall customer experience

Uses interactive, collaborative techniques in a “circle of safety.”

This workshop is for leaders organization-wide. It takes more than ping pong tables, beer taps and unlimited vacation days to retain millennials.

What’s the secret to resolving the workplace upheaval we’re experiencing with the millennial generation?

Authentic human connection.

Millennials crave this more than anything else.

In an open forum, we’ll facilitate a conversation and educate your leaders on how authenticity will win you millennial loyalty, how to utilize empathetic techniques to meet millennial employees where they’re at and how to develop a strategy for moving forward. 

Flip negative encounters and impressions into positive ones. 

Incorporate mentoring into your management style. 

This workshop has the benefit of improving inter-generational employee engagement as leaders reap the rewards of authentically implementing the strategies discussed in our sessions.

Build trust. Improve employee engagement.

Retain your high performers and get the best out of them.


Genuine Cross Generational Connection

The future is here. Millennials are the majority of our workforce. Are they prepared to lead? With baby boomers rapidly retiring, also known as the silver tsunami, there are many leadership gaps emerging. And millennials have not been equipped to lead.

Millennials crave mentorship. They do want to lead. But the older generation must realize an eager audience awaits their connection and mentoring.

Bringing the generations together, we invite connection in an open forum where the generations explore their differences, build empathy for each other and most importantly, identify what they need from each other for the company to succeed. We’ll guide your millennials and leaders to build strategies customized to your unique workplace culture that allows each generation to teach the other.

Half Day (Maximum 4 hour workshop)

15-30 participants.

Uses interactive, collaborative techniques in a “circle of safety.”

Results Delivered. Goals Achieved. Innovation Revived.

Watch what happens when the generations work together harmoniously. 


Cultivating Shared Vision

Losing company leaders to retirement, reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions and ineffective strategic planning, not to mention the ongoing silver tsunami, can have widespread, traumatic impacts on a company’s performance.

We work with leadership teams in these critical moments to create strategies that lessen the damage and hasten recovery by facilitating and integrating the Creativia Six-Step System to Shared Vision to transition from crisis to creation. We’ll guide you through leadership change, strategic planning and organizational change using the creative process to develop a shared vision.

Half Day (Maximum 4 hour workshop)

15-30 participants

Uses creative process to teach creative process

Make change a choice.


Leveraging Intergenerational Strengths for Innovation

Half Day (Maximum 4 hour workshop)

15-30 participants

Uses creative process to teach creative process

Sales lagging? Struggling to keep up with the competition? Slow to integrate technological changes? 

Many companies find themselves slow to respond to changing marketplace dynamics, consumer expectations and competitors’ innovations. Instead of reacting, learn how to integrate the Creativia Six-Step System for Innovation to create new products, services and improve overall customer experience.

We show inter-generational teams how to lead change instead of chase it by teaching a unique system that innovates company products and processes.

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