Helping business leaders help their millennial employees is a big part of my job.  

A Finance leader faced a challenge that goes like this:

“I asked a department millennial to help me prepare charts for a big client presentation.  I told him what I needed and that they were due the night before the presentation. I was shocked when the work he submitted was only 80% complete.  I had to stay up all night finishing the report to meet the deadline. What is with these ‘kids?’  They are so lazy – they don’t even bother to complete assignments.”

Sound familiar?

Well here’s what I know from first-hand experience: MILLENNIALS ARE NOT LAZY. Far from it.  Given enough guidance, feedback, and autonomy they will exceed expectations.

 So, what might a scenario do over look like? When asking a new employee to complete a new task, assume it will need to be repeated 3 times before mastery begins.

No matter how clear your instructions are – build in time to for progress checks.  Like a good coach, provide corrections and re-directions along with a lot encouragement.

I promise that your employee wants to please you but initially needs help in meeting your expectations.

If progress is not made after made after the 3X process, then it may be time to “recast” that employee in another role.

Good leadership takes time, use it on the front end of a project – not a last-minute crisis.

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Mary Cooney